Asian Princess

27 Jun 2011





I've had a fabulous day so far! This morning I went to a gym to give my lazy body a wake-up call. I hadn't worked out for a month (what with all the exams and stuff), so it really felt good! Then I rewarded myself with a relaxing 10 mins on the sunbed. Afterwards I did some shopping with a friend and we had a delicous lunch (a baguette with mozarella, bazil, tomato and black olives, yum!). Back at home I passed some time at Fashion Gone Rogue, where I found this gorgeous editorial for Elle Vietnam.

I really love the rich fabrics, the glittery materials and the animals prints. They're paired with gorgeous chunky jewellery. The combination of all this might have been a bit too much I can imagine, but here it works out perfectly! The pictures even have a very light and breezy atmosphere...

You like it?