13 Jul 2011

picture via The Wild Fleur

I always love to give myself a treat, so today I will be giving myself a facial. Here's my beauty routine:

First of all I make sure the bathroom has an agreable temperature and I put on some relaxing music.

I love to steam out my pores: I just add a few drops of tea tree essence to a bowl of boiling water. I hang my head over the bowl while covering myself with a towel. This way you make your own little steam room! After a minute or 5 your pores are open. This is the perfect moment for a clear-up strip. I like the ones from Nivea. While your pores are still open, it's also much easier to squeeze out blackheads or pimples. If you do make sure to wipe your face with a tonic or desinfectant afterwards.

After that I exfoliate my face with a gentle scrub. I like this one from Clarins, it's very mild and creamy. Next I apply a face mask. I prefer something clay-based, perfect for a mixed or oily skin. I let it rest for about 10mins and wash it off with a washcloth (These last steps can be done while taking a bath)

Finally I apply my favourite moisturizer. I really love this one from La Roche Posay, because it's not to greasy.

Voilà! I hope you'll enjoy this beauty routine just as much as me. Now I have to say that at first your skin may look a litlle reddish from all the pimple-squizing and applying different products, but the next day you will look absolutely radiant!