Miss Dior Chérie

15 Feb 2011

Miss Dior Chérie

Usually we don't really do Valentine. Well, actually it would be more correct to say that every year we agree to do nothing. But then we always end up giving presents anyway.

But not this year. No no no, this year we wouldn't be tempted to participate in this commercial celebration of love! Besides, I had just made a friggin' tasty chocolate cake a few days before. So I reckonned I had spoiled my man quit well enough!

But then...

He went behind my back and bought me... Miss Dior Chérie! The perfume that had been at the top of my wishlist for the last few months!

And that is why I love my man, because he knows when to stick to an agreement, but also when to break it ;)

Grey is gorgeous

8 Feb 2011

Emily Johnston AndersonEmily Johnston Anderson

I'm loving the muted colours and shades of grey in these gorgeous photos by Emily Johnston Anderson. These interiors look so calming and zen! Aah, if only I had a house that looked like this! I would be sure to never leave it :)

Colour me pretty: Feeling blue



1. via Le fashion, 2. Philip Lim, 3. Christian Dior, 4. Dries Van Noten

I absolutely fell in love when I saw that gorgeous oversized top at Le fashion! It combines all the good things: stripes, sheer and marine blue, which turns out to be a trendcolour this season!

The new New Look

1 Feb 2011

Dior SS2011 CoutureDior SS2011 Couture
John Galliano brought us an ode to Dior's famous New Look. Fabulous flared skirts were alternated by sexy pencils. And as the cherry on the cake the look was topped of with deep-red glossy lipstick and retro hairdo. Sigh...