Bits of my life

28 Jun 2012

Hi there sweeties!

I don't know about you, but today I have enjoyed my last day of vacation to the fullest! Tomorrow I'm starting my summer job as shop assistant at Etam Lingerie, so the days of lazyness - walking around in pyjamas till 2 in the afternoon, watching 6 episodes of Grey's Anathomy in one day or just spend the entire day baking yummy cakes and cookies - are officially over! So here's what I did today...

I read in my fresh issue of Feeling (a magazine where I might be doing my intership next year, I have an interview there next week).

I drank a glass of orange juice with ice cubes on the terrace while scribbling in my sketchbook. Unfortunately is was really too hot to stay in the sun all day.

I wore my sunny yellow skirt, with a H&M studded bracelet.

And I enjoyed the beautiful tulips I got from my dearest friend at my housewarming party last weekend.

What are your favourite ways of enjoying a lazy day?