Bits of my life: Yay for birthday presents!

14 Jun 2012

Guten Tag my dearest Freunde!

Birthdays always seem to pass way to quickly (I mean who would want a day where everyone is nice to you, sends you loads of text messages and gives you presents ever to end?) and I can't believe it's already been a week since mine! Luckily I can still cherish and enjoy all the lovely gifts I got...

A new lens from my boyfriend (I haven't stopped taking pictures since I got it - no, I mean I litterary haven't stopped!)
Yay for birthdaypresents

Yves Saint Laurant No 1 Rouge Pure Couture from my mother-in-law (or in any case she will be, if he ever asks :p)
Yay for birthdaypresents

Classic Movies...
Yay for birthdaypresents

...a pink neon necklace...
Yay for birthdaypresents

...and a gift card for one of my favourite shops from my girlfriends!
Yay for birthdaypresents

I'm very glad they all discoverd this pinboard of mine so I only got stuff I really wanted. Pinterest - you gotta love it!

What's on your whishlist? And do you like to get presents you chose yourself or do you prefer them to be a surprise?