Looklove: Tropical Jumpsuit

Hello dearest fashion lovers!

You know, and I know, and everybody knows that we are all dying to slip in our new fall frocks already, even though summer is still racing at full speed. And I know that this urge can some times be quite irrisistable. However, my dearest reader, I would strongly advise you to show some restraint and to enjoy your summery pieces, while you still can. For when the time comes that rain, snow and wind are in control of our sartorial choices, you will long to put them on again. But alas, it won't be possible.

So please, let this gorgeous tropical jumpsuit inspire you to follow my advice!


Don't have a printed jumpsuit yet? There's this very cute little floral one on sale at Topshop! And I found the perfect items to match...

2. Stella McCartney at Net-a-porter
3. Made at Asos
4. J.Crew at Net-a-porter
5. Zara


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  1. You are so right. However, I can't wait to put on layers and enjoy the windy fall weather!


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