Looklove: Giovanna Bataglia

19 Nov 2012

Hello to you all and a happy Monday!

I had a relaxing and productive weekend, filled with cleaning and laundry, practising for my driver's licence and working for school, but also dining with friends and pinning with a cup of tea. In any case, I feel slightly rejuvinated after stuggling through a quite stressy period a school, and felt inspired again to share a look with you that  love.

First off I would like to say that I am Giovanna's biggest fan when it comes to sartorial choices. I think she is a gorgeous woman with a powerful appearence. I adore how she took this simple grey dress to a new level with colourful accessories. Oh, and I'v totally fallen for the mirrored sunglasses mini-trend!


Try this at home:
Giovanna Battaglia
Sunglasses, Scarf, Bag, Sweater, Shoes