Bits of my life: Sundays

Hi honeypies!

In the following post I would like to state the obvious: Sundays are super-duper. I am sure that I need not tell you why, but guess what? I'm gonna do it anyway.

1. On Sunday there's this great second hand book market on Ajuinlei in Ghent. Once you've scored a thumbed version of The Great Gatsby (me) or the first book from the James Bond series (my beau), you can regain your normal body temperature - no, spring still hasn't kicked in in Belgium - in the cosy Café René that is on the corner of the street, with the assistance of an Earl Grey and some scrambled eggs. (Wearing my Titi+The German Kid Tiger Sweater and Essie 'Where's my chauffeur?' nailpolish)
Bits of my life: Sundays

2. Sundays are great for trying out new outfits or planning your sartorial choices for the upcoming week. This Sunday I styled and combined my bold J.Crew pants (thank God for sales at Net-a-porter!) in every possible manner.
Bits of my life: Sundays

3. But the best part of Sunday is and always will be reading my favourite fashion magazines (Vogue Nederland, Elle UK, Weekend Knack and DS Magazine) cosied up in bed with a pair of comfy pants.
Bits of my life: Sundays


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