Loving Laurent

14 Jul 2013


Because 'fashion fades, only style remains the same' (thanks for that catchy qoute Coco), I thought I'd share with you this thrillingly gorgeous photo, dated 1964. It has been snapped by Frank Horvat, an influent fashion photographer in the fifties and sixties. The timeless coat is designed by Yves Saint Laurent, who based the print of the fabric on the works of dutch painter Piet Mondriaan. Now, all the fascinating facts aside, all I really want to say is that I believe it to be totes gaaawwgeous!! But how else could it be? After all I'm a big sucker for all things labeled YSL, for one because I just love the design of the logo. I can't deny I'm still slightly mourning over the fact that they changed it to Saint Laurent Paris. After all, it ain't Laurent without Yves, right?


Psst, speaking of YSL, I scored this little trinket in sale. I had been eyeing it for over centuries, so right now I'm doing a happy dance to celebrate that it is finally safe and sound in my jewellery drawer.