Bits of my life: Pops of glamour

4 Jul 2013

To my humble opinion, the secret of being completly content with everyday life, is adding a little pop of glamour to it every now and then. For example?

Two weeks ago I went to see The Great Gatsby with my sister and cousin - I know, don't get me started on how late we were to go check it out, but we desperately wanted to see it together and unfortunately our agenda's don't match very well. Anyhow, the movie itself might be considered a glamour-overdose by some, I however decided to take it up a notch by adding just a pinch of Gatsby glamour to my look! A vintage sparkly batwing top, Art Deco-ish earrings and a dash of YSL no. 1 did just the trick.
A touch of Gatsby glamour

Another newfound source of glam and luxury in my life is my Diptyque Figuier candle. I got it for my birthday last month (thank you Stefanie and Aurélie!) and have enjoyed it's scent almost every evening since then. A delicious yoghurt, banana, pecan nut and maple syrup snack and an issue of Vogue make my night complete.
Evening snack

And if peonies won't give me a glamourous feel, what will? It get's even better if I enjoy them together with a tiny homemade chocolate cake. (Mix two eggs together with 100g of sugar, add 50g of self-rising flour and 40g of cacao and mix, add 80g of melted butter and 125g of mashed raspberries. Put a tablespoon of batter in every cupcake liner and one cube of chocolate in the middle of every cake. Bake for 15mins on 200°C).
Chocolate and flowers