Bits of my life: To eat out, to order in and to cook

24 Jul 2013

I am a huge lover of food. That is above question. Please join me as I remenisce about three delightfull meals...

Eating out in Potatolicious in Ghent together with my beau, after visiting Het STAM. It's a lovely informal place where they serve large cooked potatoes, stuffed with different sorts of meat, fresh veggies and a variety of sauces.  I opted for a potato with chicken, barbeque sauce, orange, lettuce and sunflower seeds. In a word, yum!
at potatolicious

Enjoying a pizza with bacon, egg and parmesan from a local Italian take-away.

Or cooking myself: a salad of tomatoes, basil and mozarella, harty zuchinni-cakes and tuna-salad. Simple but very good! Oh, how do you like my new pepper and saltshakers, by the way? I got them from my dear sister for my birthday.
zucchini cakes