Winter Whites

6 Jan 2014

Hi honeys!

So, big news. It turns out Wikipedia was right after all: New Year's resolutions are doomed to fail. For despite all my efforts, I did not blog last Friday. I do however have a golly good excuse for that error in my ways. You see, besides being adorable, my beau sometimes likes to put viruses on laptop... Accidentally, that is, but therefore not less infuriating. Anyhow, I'm all virus-free now and good to go.

This jolly nice Monday, I'd like to talk to you about my favourite (non-)colour: White it is! No colour as calming, clean, crisp as white, is there? Which is exactly why every single wall in our house is painted in a gorgeous (and contrary to what many people may think, very cosy) cream white. But a white canvas for my decor alone is certainly not enough to satisfie my cravings for le blanc.

I also adore these lamp shades from Ikea, perfecting my kitchen...

...I'm touched by the beauty of old-fashioned black letters on a white card (and of course I also love the words they're saying - my dear Aurélie, be prepared for the most fabulous bachelorette party ever). I'm still obsessed with Essie Marshmallow ànd I love my white with brown florals pj's...

...And I'm totally smittin' for the &Other Stories hand cream I got together with the card above, the white with green and yellow Marimekko plate my beau gave me and the all white postcard by design company Soki saying 'Whish you all the best".

Dis-le-moi, do you share this white obsession?


P.S.: Today is La Vie en Mode's fourth birthday, that calls for a toast ànd a very own - I know, finally - Facebook page!