On girls, little black dresses and fashion weeks

20 Feb 2014

Diane von Furstenberg

Mon Dieu! Is that really the time? Is that really the day? I had planned to write a post about a gazillion ages earlier, but time seems to have been slipping through my fingers lately. And I'd be lying if I'd say I didn't know where all my seconds, minutes, hours and days had gone. They went to spending time with my Beau who finally returned from his snow-escapade last Sunday (and who bought me the greatest Valentine day's gift to make up for his absence). But also and maybe even more so to my 3 youngest obsessions:

1. Watching episodes of Girls. I had been contemplating watching this series for quite a while already, since everyone kept saying that it's so amazing, but never really came round to it until The Vampire Diaries (shhht, I know, but it's my guilty pleasure) decided to go on a break and left me behind like a junkie craving for a shot. Obviously I had to find some replacement, and so it is that Girls became my methaphorical methadon. And what do you know... I got completely hooked!

2. Searching for the perfect LBD to wear to one of my best friends' wedding - and hopefully on many more occasions after that. I want it to be in a great fabric like silk, and it also has to be chic (to go to the wedding) but I want to be able to wear it casual as well, so it can't be too party-dressy, it has to have a great design, but stil neutral enough to wear often and I'd like it be from a nice brand, but not too expensive, and... well. You see my struggle? Cause Lord knows I am struggling! I even devoted an entire pinboard to the matter! So feel free to come up suggestions any time.

3. And last but not least, I've been devouring fashion shows as if they were pecan nut brownies straight from the oven. The silhouet above by Diane von Furstenberg, is one of my many, many favourites so far - with a scale-printed velvet fabric, how could it not be?

But pray do tell me, what existential matters have been on your mind as of late?