28 Mar 2014

Dear friends, it's confession time: me and my hair are in rut. Years of wearing the same boring knot have left their marks on our relationship. It's sad but true, the spark is just gone. And it's not as if I didn't try! I worked some braids and hairtwists into our daily life, even introduced a mid-parting for a while, but nothing seems to work. Dearest hair, I still love you, but I think it's time to say goodbye.

And if you think by that I mean I'm going bald, you must be completely coo-koo, haha! Non non, mes chéries, I was merely saying the above as a matter of speech. I do mean, however that I intend to chop off a big part of my hair. Following the stylish example of the ladies below.



What do ya reckon, will it suit me?


PS: Images from here and here