Evenings are for reading.

21 May 2014

Sundays are for reading

Chilling on our chesterfield couch with Mademoiselle Mirabelle, a good read and a comfy sweater is my most favourite passtime in the evening. The sweat I'm currently living in is by AYS?SLC. I love the fact that it's made from organic cotton and I love the fluorescent detail on the sleeve that says 'Fly before you're ready', oh and did I already mention its comfyness?

Over to the literary part then. For the moment I am reading (long overdue, I'm aware) Grace Coddington's Memoir. And even though I find her narrative style somewhat tangled from time to time, I enjoy spending time in Grace's universe.

I you were looking for some nice online reads however, I could deffo recommend this article on the use of innovative textiles is fashion. I also enjoyed spending time on this new webshop and reading about the designers fresh take on unique fashion. Oh, and get this: J.Crew is contemplating opening a store in Paris! I can only applaud my favourite more or less affordable brand coming closer to me.

Enjoy your Wednesday evening, lovelies!


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