Sea of sandals.

9 May 2014

As summer is vastly approaching - and also to keep my mind of the rain and wind we've been getting these last few days - there has been only one sort of shoe on my mind lately: le sandale.

1. Topshop, 2. Zara, 3. Zara, 4. Birkenstock, 5. Gucci, 6. Gucci, 7. Topshop, 8. Topshop

I'm very much into sandals with a sturdy heel and an ankle strap this year, but also - as most of the fashion population - head over (non-existing) heels with the ugly flats formerly known as birckenstocks.

Now, if my bank account would allow it, I'd simply buy all of the above. But as my resources are limited, I'm leaning towards only number 4 & 8 ('cause I already tried on 2 and to be honest, they weren't very kind to my feet). What do ya say?