3 ways to wear your mom jeans.

6 May 2016

Being a fan of slow fashion, I always feel deeply satisfied when a) a piece that could well be just a fleething trend item, turns out to be a new staple, or b) when an old classic comes back in style. In casu mom jeans, I believe we can say c) all of the above are applicable.

You see, the Mom jeans is basically a classic high waisted, straight legged pair of jeans, still very similar of shape to the ones designed for workers over a century ago. It had its first real heydays in the late eighties and early nineties. Women around the globe flaunted their ellongated bottems and carrot shaped legs in these jeans (the proof for that is not in the pudding but in a picture of the female friends cast), and all was well. During the nineties and nillies their offspring, however, eschewed this classic fit with firm hand and replaced it by respectively bootcuts, skinnies and boyfriends.

But then about three years ago normcore happened, which suddenly bombarded the jeans our moms used to wear jeans into a trending piece. At first only thrifting hipster gals made the leap to the vintage Levi's 501. But soon Topshop caught nose of the trend, and their 'Mom jeans' fit, convinced a wider fashion crowd. By now Levi's has (re)made several of their jeans styles, inspired by this classic fit, with the Wedgie Fit as latest showpiece. Furthermore, Vetements' de- and reconstructed spin on 'em might well be called the denim hit of the season. All of this to say, it seems like the Mom fit is here to stay, for at least a few years.

I am the proud owner of a pair I thrifted in Paris, for the mere sum of €12. I wear 'em all the time, so sharing 3 ways to style them wasn't exactly a hard task.

1. Make it an all denim party.

Denim jacket, Zara. Shirt, C&A. Ankle boots, &Other Stories. Hat, thrifted.

2. Add a seventies touch to your eighties denim, with a semi-see trough turtleneck and ankle boots.

Leather jacket, Mango. Turtleneck, &Other Stories. Bralette, Cos. Ankle boots, L'autre chose. Sunglasses, The Row.

3. Or pull off a pink number with a fluid trench and fine knit top (see first picture).

Trenchcoat, &Other Stories. T-shirt, &Other Stories. Flats, &Other Stories. Bag, Mansur Gavriel.

Now, go forth and wear yo momma jeans with pride, gals!