3 denim must-haves for comfort dressers.

18 Jul 2016

When it comes to making sartorial choices I'm always torn in two. The fashion girl part of me wants to put on Man Repeller-esque outfits that involve bralettes over shirts, socks in high-heeled strappy sandals and possibly ruffled shorts. The lazy girl part of me just wants to jump in a pair of sweatpants and a white oversized tee.

Most of the times I end up somewhere in the middle, building my outfit around a nice pair of jeans. Comfortable, yet fashionable. If you choose the right fit, that is.

1. The cropped flare

I already declared my love for the cropped flare back in 2014, but it took these jeans another year and a half at least to become the absolute shape du moment. H&M and &Other Stories both have pretty nice ones on sale for the moment. Now all I need is pair of comfortable low heeled mules to perfect this look.

2. Mom jeans

A denim fit well on its way to become a true classic. Easy to dress up with a blazer or dress down with a logo sweater. And not to forget, the mother of comfyness in jeansland.

3. Skinny jeans with ripped knees.

Because well, let's be honest regular ol' skinnies have become a bit boring. A good tear here and there just adds the perfect amount of edgyness.

What's your denim go-to shape?