This blog is my little space where I like to surround myself with all things pretty. Be it great style, clothing and accessories, photography, art, interior design or beauty products. My goal is to style my life in such a manner, that it is filled with beauty and inspiration, say, a real vie en mode!

My name is Nimue Sturtewagen. I am a Belgian girl, living in the East Flemish countryside together with my lovely boyfriend - my beau as I like to call him. I studied Lifestyle Journalism at Artevelde University College. For the moment I'm working in retail, while trying to become a freelancer in Fashion Journalism. Aside from blogging I love drinking Earl Grey Tea, cooking, watching crappy but highly addictive television series (like Gossip Girl and The Vampire diaries) and reading classic novels and fashion magazines.

Thanks for stopping by at my blog, I hope you have a fabulous time here.




  1. Francesca Lutters21 January 2012 at 13:48

    Hey Nimue,

    super leuke blog!


  2. Hi Nimue, goede morgen? So glad you stopped by and commented on my blog since it lead me to the discovery of yours! You have a great blog, and great spirit! Hope to see you around again soon!


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