10 Jan 2010

In between last-minute Christmas shopping, meeting family across the country, cooking elaborate meals, partying 'til late a.m. and waking up with a hangover, we sometimes forget to relax and reload our batteries... My solution? A post-Holiday detox a.k.a. a spa@home! These are my ingredients:

1. Dr. Haushka Lavender Bath Oil
2. Kiehl's Grapefruit body Scrub
3. Organic Surge Grapefruit Hair Mask
4. Yes to Cucumber Shampoo
5. Lavera Lip Balm
6. Weleda Rose Shower Cream
7. Yes to Carrots Body Butter
8. Dr. Haushka Rosemary Foot Balm
9. Lush Brazened Honey Facial Mask
This is how you do it:
1. Go into the bathroom and lock the door. This has to be a moment completely for YOU.
2. Fill the bathtub with water and sprinkle some relaxing lavender oil in it.
3. Scrub your entire body with some extra attention for your feet, knees and elbows.
4. Nourish your skin with a creamy body wash.
5. Put on a cleansing facial mask.
6. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
7. Towel dry your hair and put on some intensive hair treatment mask (put an old towel around your head).
8. Massage your legs, arms and hands with a rich body butter and your feet with a soothing balm. Put on a warm bathrobe and some cotton socks.
9. Scrub your lips with a toothbrush and finish up with some lip balm and your night cream.
10. Curl up in bed...(if you have a boyfriend or husband: force him to give you a massage). Leave the conditioner in overnight and wash it out in the morning. Your hair will feel as soft as cashmere!