Taylor Momsen's Style: Love it or hate it?

Since Gossip Girl's second season Taylor Momsen has become a fashion icon. Her platina-blond hair and super-smokey eyes are her trademark. Most of the time combined with red lipstick and lots of black and leather clothes. And though I love the general idea that's behind her outfits, I think they're hardly ever really fashionable. It's always a bit too much, a bit too tacky, a bit gothic, a bit too scruffy...
I mean take look at the picture below, at first I thought I saw Dracula's bride! But then again that was the WORST outfit I ever saw her in...
Here I like the leather pencil skirt, but don't you think she should have worn an other top, maybe something more chique to balance it out a bit?
I do like her long coat, but the rest of her outfit looks a bit ordinairy.
And this is just slutty! Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of knee socks, but they should be worn in a somewhat more distinguished way...
What about you? Do you agree or do you love Taylor Momsens style?


  1. Уже который раз убеждаюсь, что у нее классный вкус!!!))) Мне очень понравилось это 1 черное платье, просто супер))))

  2. Hmm, I don't think all is bad in her outfits but she shouldn't wear all so matchy-matchy with the vampire-look. Some chic details would cheer it up :)

  3. I think her dress sense is going for the goth thing, but it usually looks really ratty and not terribly chic or fashionable. Also, she might want to do something about those extensions.


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