Currently Craving: For the Home

1 Dec 2011

Currently Craving: For the  Home

1. Mug, 2. Sheepskin, 3. Coffee Table, 4. Pillow, 5. Ikat Bowl, 6. Chair, 7. Vase, 8. Vanity, 9. Lamp

As the end of our renovations is coming nearer and nearer, I find myself dreaming more and more about decorating our future home. My colour scheme will be white, black, grey, and gold. But I'd love to spice things up with a few pops of  pink, mustard and teal.We've already got a cream coloured chesterfield and a kitchen. About everything else still needs to be bought! Wich is exactly why I thought 'd make myself a whislist, perfect to inspire the people that still need to buy me the perfect Christmas gift ;)

What's on your whislist this year?