Friday Fascinations: Taylor Tomasi Hill

20 Jan 2012

With 5 down and only 2 to go, I thought I'd give myself a little break from studying this afternoon! And I filled it with finally creating a twitter account (follow me here!), some facebooking and of course some wardrobe inspiration ;) One of my favourite style icons is Taylor Tomasi Hill. I love her sense for creativity and innovation, and naturally: her guts! She never fears to make surprising combo's or try on daring prints or colours.


I hope you have a lovely weekend!


New kids in Town: DV by Dolce Vita studded loafers

13 Jan 2012

Being the busy bee I am - I'm not really a busy bee, most of the time I'm just very busy being lazy while not trying to think about all the stuff that I need to ge done, anyhow - I somehow managed to find the time to do some sale shopping (I thank you online shops on behalf of all the students who are in the midst of their exams right now and would be missing out on all the sale goodies if t wasn't for you). My package arrived a few days ago and today I finally slipped these babies on my feet and took some pics!

New kids in Town: DV by Dolce Vita studded loafers

New kids in Town: DV by Dolce Vita studded loafers

You like?


PS: Please feel free to ignore the sock marks imprinted on my feet! Since it is actually still pretty cold I was wearing boots (with socks in them naturally) and just put my new acquisitions on for show, hence the sock-imprint-situation.

Studying on a Sunday

8 Jan 2012

studying on a sunday
Note to self

God how I've missed blogging. And my exams only just begun! Tomorrow I've got my first one. And I'm already SICK of studying. But I will have to hold on till the end of January, when I will be free at last and will have plenty of time to discuss the spring collections and trends ;)
But untill then I'm afraid my blogging will be a little scattered and fragmented...

Now I'm off to studying again. I hope you all have a lovely Sunday (for mine will be rather dreary  assure you)


Happy New Year!

2 Jan 2012


I wish all of you a very happy, creative, inspiring and fashionable 2012!