Moi: Striped cheetah

31 May 2012

striped cheetah
top and skirt: H&M, bag: Zara, shoes: DV by Dolce Vita, necklace: Forever21, sunglasses: Six

So, I definately need to work on my posing, that's for sure, but my non-existing modeling qualities aside, I'm quite happy with how this outfit turned out. I love the mixing prints and I think the stripes and the cheetah work quite well together. I chose to top it off with my studded flats, since I wore this look to go to a concert (it were standing tickets...).

So now you also get to see how my new haircut looks! I'm quite fond of it. It was really time to chop some lenght off my hair and I have to say it feels refreshing! Anyway, it was kinda windy that night so, it looks slightly more voluminous than it actually is.

striped cheetah


Bits of my life: New wallet + notebook

29 May 2012

My dearest amies,

I am in the midst of a horrible ordeal, yes, you've got that right: exams! Luckily for me I still had the chance to go on a little shopping spree, right before they began! The result was: a handcrafted leather notebook and a new wallet form the Antwerp based brand Monique Stam.

New kids in town: wallet + notebook

New kids in town: wallet + notebook

New kids in town: wallet + notebook

I'm quite smitten for my new wallet, it's very glossy and a bit over the top, but that's what I like about it. Now I may or may not have a slight addiction to notebooks (it comes naturally with an addiction to making lists you see). But either way, I have to say that this is my prettiest exemplaire so far. It looks so luxurious and chic and totally inspires my to scribble it full with inspiration, to do-lists and further plannings!

Now, without futher ado, I bid you adieu! I'm off studying le français, oui, oui!


ps: Outfit post coming up on thursday!

Looklove: Let's talk bobs

14 May 2012


I am a faithful fan of Olivia Palermo's style as well as looks on the hair and make-up front. She always looks impeccably stylish yet effortlessly sophisticated. I love her versatyle long bob. Which is exactly why I'm taking her pic with me to inspire my hairdresser tomorrow! Now all I can do is hope for an equally glamourous result... I'll keep you posted ;)


PS: How was your Monday? Mine was pretty awful, I just couldn't find my groove...Let's hope a new haircut replenishes my energy and inspiration level! Have a nice week my dears!

Bits of my life: meet my kitchen!

6 May 2012

Hello Ladies!

As some of you may now, I recently moved, so I thought I'd gave you a little peek into my new house. Up now: my kitchen!


The cabins, fire and hood are all from Ikea. The stainless steel backsplash is costum made in a local shop, the freezer is from Bosch. As you can see there are still some little details that need to be fixed. The electric wire hanging on the hood for example is intented for a litle spot, next to the hood I would like two shelves and the light switches still need to get their cover. That being said, I really like how it's all come together. I must say, that cooking has become much more fun since I can do it in the kitchen of my dreams.

What does your dreamkitchen look like?