Looklove: First fall feeling

9 Sep 2013

Today I felt winter - okay, let's not overreact, fall - for the first time. The days are getting shorter already, the smell of the air is changing and you can almost feel the temperature decreasing.

So after having to wait on the platform for half an hour (bloody delays), still having my arse frozen off when I was finally on the train and then having to walk to my car in a mean drizzle, I am now sitting on my couch at last with a cup of soup (yes, soup, that's how miserable I felt!) dreaming of warm sweaters and wool pants.

First fall feeling
Image. Jacket (InWear, € 199,95). Sweater (InWear, € 119,95). Pants (Tory Burch, € 176,69). Hat (Monki, € 7,81). Booties (Sophia Webster, € 495).

How's your fall vibe? Already very present or are you still in indian summer?


P.S. I'm so getting that gorgeous white InWear-knit.