Moi: Casual dinner

Why hello there!

Boy, am I happy that I snapped an outfit pic last weekend, for this week, we've seen nuttin' but rain. And the thought of walking around in thin-as-air PJ pants like the one I sported to a casual family dinner, would be quite unbearable.

I tossed in a wannabe Chanel jacket that I scored at Zara quite a few ages ago, my Marni clutch ànd a cute little pendant necklace I got from the lovely ladies of Yz'bel - a relatively young Belgian jewellery brand - while I was interning at Feeling last month.
Casual Dinner

Casual Dinner
Jacket (Zara). T-shirt (H&M). Pants (Etam - these are actually pyjamas by the way). Sunglasses (H&M). Ring (Saint Laurent). Knuckle rings (H&M). Necklace (Yz'bel). Watch (vintage). Sandals (Zara). Clutch (Marni).

Laterz dolls!


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