Mid-week mezmerizations: Reeboks, a vase and Henry Van de Velde

13 Nov 2013

Well hello to you too and a happy mid-week!

I just had the urge to share with you the newest addition to my closet: a pair of shiny white Reebok Freestyle Hi tops. Very retro. Très cool. Since the day they arrived at my house in a big brown box, I have hardly managed to take them off my feet, cause boy, these babies are comfortable as heaven!


In the background of my wannabe-Coveteur composition you can see a very glam black vase I scored for a mere €3 at the local thrift shop, which is sporting a drawing of a rooster - that's right! - and golden decorations; ànd a book about Henry Van de Velde, a Belgian artist/architect/fashion designer whom is known for his gesamtkunstwerk, meaning he tried to make his whole life into a work of art by designing his house, furniture, the clothing of his wife and so on, all according a certain aesthetic, which in my eyes is quite brillo-pads!

Conclusion of the day: I should really start making shorter sentences. And on that note, I bid you - a short and sweet - adieu!