Bits of my life: Antwerp Citytrippin'

2 Dec 2013


Please excuse my silly salutation, but I'm struggling with a nasty case of Christmas jitters as of late. Must be an over-exposion to christmas carols during my numberous shopping sprees in Antwerp that caused this illness. Anyhow, as promised: the highlights of our trip.

The Zoo
Spotting Meerkats in The Zoo (Timon was always one of my favorite Disney characters, you see).

Eating too-delish-for-words sushi at Ko'Uzi.

Enjoying the city view from the top of the MAS. The rest of the museum was definitely worth a visit as well, by the way.

De Burgerij

De Burgerij
Eating a tasty burger with fries and corn at De Burgerij.

Gazing at starry ceilings in the Cathedral.

Of course that was not all. We also shopped at Your, The Recollection, Cos, Hay and Ladurée (just to name a few), stuffed our faces at ViaVia, De Arme Duivel - best stew I ever had - and Juliette, tasted a delish coffee at Caffénation, went for a peg at De Vagant and last but certainly not least watched a stunning performance of Swan Lake - I say, I was more than flabbergasted and if taking pictures during the show wasn't prohibited my camera wouldn't have had a moment's rest!

And now, after a few days filled with follyness? Back to reality it is! But then again, that ain't too bad either if you have sweet Beau to make you tea and cute cat to warm your lap, now, is it?