Moi: Reeboks pt. 2

25 Nov 2013

Ola chicas!

How ya'll doing? I for one am feeling most wonderful, as I'm leaving for a romantic city trip tomorrow. Our destination? Antwerp! Cause there's nothing like going on vacation in your own country - plus, you don't have to spend money on a flight, now ain't that savvy?

Anyhows, we'll be staying in Bed, Bad en Brood, a lovely B&B in the south of Antwerp. Of course you'll get a full report upon my return, but first: my weekend look!

Hat (H&M). Sweater (InWear). Biker (Warehouse). Coat (COS). Jeans (H&M). Sneakers (Reebok). Bag (Zara). Sunnies (H&M).

I have said it before - and I'll probably say it again - but I do really love my Reeboks. Firstly because they pair lovely with my white sweater and cream coloured biker. And secondly, because the're so comfy, I wear them at any occasion! The last 3 days for example they've helped me through 2 job interviews (I'm still waiting on the outcome though, so please cross your fingers for me) and a trip to Ikea (always fun, but also exhausting).

Now then, I bid you adieu!