Friday Fascinations: Pink fluffyness

Et alors, another week has come to an end, and so has a period in my life, for I today finished my intership at Belmodo.tv. Thanks to Tiany, Michaël, Angelique, Bieke and Koen for 3 months of hard work, interesting opportunities and a lot of fun! Oh, and a fabulous goodie bag! (Read some of my articles here, here, here or here)

The end of the also means a peek in my latest obsessions, thoughts or cravings and this week it's all about two words: Pink & Fluffy.

Pink Sweaters
1. 2. 3. 4.

Knowing how it goes when you're a slight shop-a-holic, I'm sure you won't be completely flabbergasted if I tell you I ordered an exemplaire of my own. The item in question? This soft pink sweater by Won Hundred.

Have a holly jolly weekend!


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