Ho, ho, ho!

22 Dec 2013

Hohoho and a holly jolly Sunday to you all m'dears!

I know it's not actually Christmas yet, but since I have no less then 3 Christmas parties to attend (that's what you get with divorced parents, thanks folks!), the first one is set on today. To channel an early Christmas mood, I have:

1. Decorated my gorgy porgy Christmas tree - cookies on a string included (ain't those brill? They're from Ikea, but if anyone asks, I baked them myself).
Cookies in my christmastree

2.Gift-wrapped all of my presents with dotted paper from Hema and kitchen string from Dille & Kamille (only two of my gazillion gifts shown here with 3 chocolate guinnes cupcakes).
Mom's birthday cakes

3. Baked cookies, made chocolate milk and played patience (so homy, don't you think?).
Cookies, cards and tea

Merry X-mas and cheerio!