Blue Tuesday

21 Jan 2014

Whoopsie-diddly-daisy, my head seems to to be turned all upside down! Wasn't yesterday supposed to be the bluest day of the year? That is correct, meine freunde. I however don't always like to do things the way they're supposed to, and so today I bring you - on a silver platter, o'course - Blue Tuesday!

Now, that don't mean I'm gonna be all depressed 'n sobby 'n stuff, no-no-no. it simply means I'll show you my latest blue obsessions (yes, I seem to have acquired quite a lot of those, see here, here and here).

Numero uno is my cheap-ass liquid eyeliner from 2B. You see, I can easily spend some cash on a classic red lipstick or the perfect black mascara, but when it comes to shades I'll probably get bored of soon, I like to keep it low-budget. Plus, the less I spend on make-up, the more I can spend on clothes.

Number two is my super lacy bra from Etam, très cute, non? And the third is my - again cheapo - cobalt blue nail polish from Hema.

To be quite fair, my pining for all things blue actually kicked off after I spotted the most perfect fluffy electric blue sweater at Cos. I didn't try it on at the time, because the sensible item that I needed to buy was this black chunky-knit cardigan. Since then, I'd be quite shocked if more than one day had gone by without me thinking of that gorgeous jumper...

And won't you just look at that: I ended up sobbing and lamenting after all! Time to get a hold of myself and stop dramatizing my first world problems, I'd say. So on that note, I bid you adieu!