On workmanship and price

27 Jan 2014


When a very high level of addiction to fashionable pieces of fabric has to be satisfied with a fairly modest wage, choices must be made - alas! You see, when working a parttime job in retail while trying to become a fashion journalist, one can not simply buy T by Alexander Wang basics or Rag & Bone blazers. On the other hand, I've also had the displeasure to discover that buying your gear all too cheap isn't always the best way to succes either. Exhibit number one being a Zara cashmere cardigan - it costed about € 100 - that was covered in fluff after wearing it only a few times. Très sad and above all a très large waste of money.

Always on the lookout to find a solution for the gravest of my sartorial issues, I found myself wandering is the streets of Ghent last week, looking for some great yet affordable basics that would last. Much to my own surprise I found the answer at Esprit. This '68 born San Francisco brand is deffo not the most fashion foreward high street retailer on the planet, but I discovered they had quite a lot stuff to my liking, and - more importantly - their level of workmanship is very nice in proportion to their prices. No slanting seams, loose threads or blazers without lining to be found here. Cheers to that!


Much rejoiced with my newfound dicoveries I renturned home with a striped 3/4-sleeve top, a T-shirt with leather shoulder patches and a gorgeous black velvet blazer.