Friday Fascinations

10 Jan 2014


And so another week has come to an end, ça alors! But fear not, before bidding you adieu, I'll grant ya some luuurvly links that will fill your weekend with food for thought, laughter and awe. That's right, mateys!

Up first on my list of fascinating stuff is fur. As you will see over at The Man Repeller, this utterly gorgeous, but also highly disputed material is always a great conversation-starter!

After tackling some moral problems, I think we're up for something a tad more light-hearted.

Next, if you haven't OD'ed on chocolate yet, you might try this little glamour overdose.

And lastly, there's nothing a nice desktop wallpaper to give you some good vibes. I'm enjoying those pink half circles as we speak!

Have a happy one m'dears!


PS: click on the image for the source!
PPS: how do you like my new header?
PPPS: I changed my URL! Not sure if it such a smart plan, but I was just really sick of the "e" missing in my old "".