On bachelorette parties, bikinis and vacations to come

3 Mar 2014

Howdy m'dears!

How was your weekend? My Saturday was dedicated to the bachelorette party of a dear friend of mine. Since she's addicted to Paris, we made her talk french all day (even though she's very bad at it - sorry dear, but you are), while wearing a beret and carrying around a baguette. We also got to make - and eat - des macarons, enjoyed a burger with french fries at Café René and drank a bit too much of le vin. Which lead to me spending my Sunday slightly hung-over on the couch.

Besides napping and lazily reading some magazines, my beau and I also managed to book our summer vacation yesterday. We'd been thinking about Cinque Terre (Italy) as well as Santorini (Greece) for while and in the end we chose for the latter.


Now that the decision has been made, I can't wait to feel te sun on my skin, enjoy the spectacular views and eat a  huge bowl of Greek yoghurt with honey and nuts.


It's okay, you can admit you're jealous ;).


As a side effect, I have now started dreaming of the perfect bathing suit  to prance around in on the lava beach near our hotel. I've currently set my eyes on this one (that would be, if I had an unlimited cash flow), this one and this one.


PS: Pics via The Pretty Blog and Pinterest