On art and fine weather

10 Mar 2014


When it comes to discussing whether fashion is art or not, I've always been on the affirmative team. Mind you, synthetic brush stroked Zara tops - however cute and fashionable they may be- are not what I'm talking about right now.

I'm rather refering to the moving perfection of a great Dries Van Noten dress, the disturbing effect of Iris Van  Herpen's vacuum-packed models and all possible cross-pollinations between fashion and the expressive arts that have ever found place in the past (YSL's Mondriaan dress, Belgian fashion house Norine's collaborations with René Magritte or Karl Lagerfeld's art fair at his SS14-show, to just name a few).

Honestly, being a total fashion-addict as yours truly, it seems just natural that one should develop a healthy appetite for the arts along the way. Which is concurrently the reason why I spent part of the warmest 9 March in like, ever, inside the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent. Call me crazy? I see your point. But nevertheless I had the greatest time wandering the majestic halls of this museum, admiring their Géricault exhibition and part of their impressive permanent collection.

Oh, and I spent the afternoon lying in my sunbed, flipping through magazines and sipping cooled water with elderflower syrup. Prooving yet again that I can have  my cake and eat it too!


PS: The painting that caught my attention here is 'The Gardener' by Jenny Montigny.