12 Mar 2014

Bonsoir chicas!

As you might have spotted already in Monday's post, momma 's bought herself a brand new coat. And yes, she's aware it's Stella rip-off. But guess what, gals: she couldn't care less. Quite the contrary, I've been wearing this coat's ass off, and wearing it proud, 'cause I simply luuuuurrve it! (And guess what the best part is? It was on sale, so it practically cost me nothing!)

Coat (Zara). Striped top (H&M). T-shirt (H&M). Belt (H&M). Jeans (Zara). Bag (Furla). Sneakers (Nike). Sunnies (The Row). Earrings (Six).



Oh! Before I forget: How do you like the brown nineties-ish lipstick on me? I got inspired by this pic.