On Backstreet Boys and baby blue

24 Mar 2014

The Italian folks have a proverb that says 'See Naples and die' - meaning that when you've seen this city, you've seen the best there is to see in the world, and therefore, you might just as well die. Well, my friends, last Saturday I have seen my own personal Naples.

What exactly am I blabbling about, you ask? I'm talking: The Backstreet Boys. All 5 of them. Live on stage in Antwerp.

Surprised much? Well, suck it up, cause BSB is - right next to Joy Division, Eels and The Beatles - one of my all-time favourite bands, and I'm not ashamed to say it! The show was absolutely brillo-pads, might I add. And hence filled with a very inappropriate amount of brainless screaming, hystericaly clapping and jumping up and down on my part. Oh yes siree, me and my gals had quite the time of lives!

But, moving on to a more fashion related topic, I might not be ready to die just yet. You see, before I breathe my last, I would really like to have worn (and preferably also owned) that baby blue Céline Box bag below. According to my paper's weekend supplement it was Georgia May Jagger's last new purchase, and I can't blame her. It's just too perfect in all it's icy cool blueness and everlasting design. Ah, well maybe I'll be able to afford a vintage one in a year or twenty...

Baby Blue

Image via Pinterest. T-shirt (H&M, €9,95). Sandals (Zara, € 49,95). Pants (Vionnet, € 1838,29). Jacket (Zara, € 79,95). Skirt (J.Crew, € 165). Bag (Céline)

As you might have guessed, my blue obsession has shifted to a slighty lighter shade as of late and I am now craving all things baby blue. Want to see more? Check out my pinboard. What are your favourite baby blue pieces? And furthermore, what are your current colour cravings?