In the trenches

22 Apr 2014

I say, for someone who's always had quite the ambiguous relationship with the trenchcoat, I'm craving it at an unusually high level lately.

Ambiguous, you ask? How can a sincere lover of fashion have a vague point of view on an ever lasting classic as 'The Trench'? How can she not have at least one in her closet?

I know, it is slightly odd. And don't get me wrong. I've always admired the coat that originates from the soldiers' wardrobe during WOI, though be it from afar. It just always felt a little too stiff and a little too khaki-beige for me (I swear that my face gets the éclat of vomit whith certain shades of beige).

So why again am I craving it right now? Aha... Enter: The fluid pale pastel trenchcoat (preferably ankle length).

Yes, m'dears, I have been spotting a LOT of trenches in gorgeous silk, cupro or viscose that flutter around as you move, and that dance with the wind. Above all, the classic camel colour has made room for fresh white, pale pink or icy blue, and I luuuuuurrrve it!

Now the only question is: Where do I find le perfect exemplaire? Any suggestions?


PS: Images via here, here, here and here.