Visiting Birds of Paradise

25 Apr 2014


No dear friends, I did not pay a visit to the parrots in the Zoo yesterday, I did however admire long and hard what a pair of crafty hands and a nifty brain can achieve with the feathers of said birds. You see, as it happens, my favourite museum in Antwerp, Momu is currently exhibiting a gorgeous collection of feather adorned clothes.

Not only vintage Dior, but also current Chanel (above a piece from the FW1213 couture collection) are up on display and ready to be drooled upon.


I especially loved the Black Swan vs. White Swan theme, where the Gucci dress with rooster feathers and the Givenchy by Tisci dress with ostrich were compellingly juxtaposed.

But no matter how a fan I am of feathers in dress, the exhibition did at some point made me question the ethics of it all. Usually I'm quite easy when it comes to using leather, fur and feathers - after all do do like my chop of lamb and a nice piece a bacon from time to time. But when over 300 swans have to give their life for the sole construction  of one opulent coat, one does tend to wonder if it was worth it.

By the time I got to the Roger Vivier shoes, however, all criticism was thrown over board, to make place for another session  of blind adoration. But I mean, really, can you blame me?