A clean slate.

28 Jul 2014

Absent blogger? Moi? Mais non! ...Ahem, ahem. To be honest my friends, I've been experiencing an all time low on the inspirational side of life.

Non of my cloting felt decent enough to photograph, nothing in the shops felt worth buying, I started wondering why I even spend that much money on clothes to begin with (and I'm not even that big of a spender), felt quite fed up with the fashion blogosphere in general and I didn't even look up a single couture show online.

Was it a virus, a gross bacteria or an alien that temporarily took over my body? I suppose we'll never know. In any case, I'm back now. Ready to start with a clean slate. Or should I say a white canvas?

Clean Slate
Blazer (Mango). T-shirt (&Other Stories). Jeans (Zara). Sunglasses (H&M). Bag (Zara). Belt (Vintage). Rings (H&M). Shoes (Vans).

Clean Slate

Clean Slate

Pictures by my dear friend and fellow fashion addict Aurélie.