DIY-ing a golden edge coffee table for dummies.

30 Jul 2014

Hi there dolls!

A few weeks ago I finally managed to execute a DIY project that had been loitering on my to do-list for centuries, however  didn't manage to share the results with the world yet, up til now. To come straight to the point, I gave my coffee a shimmery golden make-over.

Gold foil coffee table

Jolie, n'est-ce pas? I'll admit, it took me some sweat and patience, but in essence it's quite an easy project.

Gold foil coffee table

What you need is gold paint, gold or copper foil, glue for gold foil, varnish for gold foil and a small smooth brush. All ingredients can be bought in arts and crafts shop like Schleiper.

I started  by applying the glue on a short sidde of the coffee table and waited 15mins for it to dry (as instructed). Next I cut a strip of about 4 cm wide of the gold foil and the white paper underneath. I carfully lifted the gold foil as well as the white paper and pressed it against the glued surface. Then I removed the white paper and gently dabbed on the gold foil with my fingers and whiped off any excess gold foil with a tissue. I worked my way all around the table following the same steps over again.

Step two consisted of touching up small imperfections with the gold paint and if neccesary, applying some more glue and sticking on small pieces of the foil that I just tore off with my fingers.

I finished up with two coats of varnish for extra shine. Et tadaaa!

Gold foil coffee table