Buy less, choose well pt. one

1 Aug 2014

Dearest readers,

Though I really have found my fashion bloging mojo back (read Monday's post), I have drawn some conclusions from my temporary outfall. One of them being, that my shopping pattern has got to change.

The point is dear friends, that I can spend hours and hours on fruitless (online) shopping, drooling over stuff I can never afford, feeling highly frustrated and then ending up buying lots of cheaper stuff that becomes worn out tons faster, which in the end, makes their price per wear probably higher.

A second issue I would like to adress are trends. As much as I love spotting, analizing and observing them, as much as I can fastasize about buying every it-bag, every iPhone cover of-the-moment, every earring-whim or go-to style jacket, as much as I  love the rush  of finding that perfect piece that is so very now, right now, I just don't want to anymore. Because again, after a few weeks or months these items will have gone out of style, and they will end up gathering dust in my closet.

Not only is this highly un-economical, it's also bad for my ecological footprint. Fashion is an enough polluting business as it is, and I do not want to make it worse by overconsuming. All this sounding quite familiar to you? Great. Because then you will be glad to hear  that I have formed a battle plan. From now on every Friday I will unfold a new stage of that plan extraordinnaire, and you my friends are more than welcome to follow along with me.

As a farewell note I'll share with you the first step in my journey: The shopping cold turkey. That's right, for two straight months I am not allowed to buy anything, nor surf to online shops, nor enter any physical shops (accept for the one I'm working in, that is, and of course, grocery shopping is alowed). Oh dear lord, only reading what I've just written down makes me break out in cold sweat! Bear with me, darlings!


PS: Oh and ehm, I hope I haven't offended anyone by these statements. I don't want to critisize people who do want to follow every trend or do like to buy lots of cheap clothes, It's just not working for me anymore, that's all.

PPS: Images via here and here