Dress for absolution.

4 Aug 2014

Forgive me holy fashion father for I have sinned. But 3 days ago I made a solemn vow not to buy a single thing for 2 months, and already on that 1st day have I broken my promise. I am deeply ashamed and filled with remorse, but that being said, I had a goddamned - oops, sorry father - good reason for it.

You see, to shoot the pics below, right before an after work dinner date with friends, I had hung my 2 weeks old Mango blazer, which I was very much in love with over a rail next to the water. I remember thinking, as I put it there: 'Gee, this is quite a dangerous place to put my blazer, I really musn't forget to grab it when we leave for the restaurant'. And now I give you three chances to guess what I did next... Exactly. I forgot.

By the time I realised what had happend, my sweet little blazer was long gone. Which is why, I saw no other solution then to order it again, first thing when we got home.

I hope, considering the circumstances I will receive your absolution for this crime. But now, on to the outfit. To be truly honest I'm not really satisfied with how it turned out in the pictures, but since they cost me a beloved blazer, I thought it would have been a true waist if they were shot in vain, so I decided to use them anyway. As you can see I'm wearing one of my favourite Zara skirts. It's from the fw1314 collection, but has proven to be a faithful summer ally as well.

Winter skirt in summer
Shirt (H&M), Skirt (Zara), Sunglasses (The Row), Bag (Zara), Flats (&Other Stories), Rings (H&M).

Winter skirt in summer