Let's have a do-over.

6 Aug 2014


Bonbonjour dolls!

As said before, Monday's outfit was not completely to my liking. So today I decided to have a do-over. I paired my beloved Zara skirt with a plain white T this time, which is as you are well aware, my fave wardrobe classic. Since the sun didn't feel any need to come out and play, I threw on my cream coloured biker for some chauffage and slipped on my H&M slip-ons. They have prooved to be excellent friends for running errands, cleaning or simply walking around the house (which is exactly what I did today), but also working or going for a little walk. You get it sistahs, I have been wearing these babes non-stop (talking about a low cost per wear!!).

But what I actually wanted to say with this outfit - a point that FYI completley escaped my attention with the whole blazer-debacle - is that by wearing items that at first sight look like your typical winter piece in the summer, like a skirt of thick tweed-like facbric like the one I'm sporting, you can make your wardrobe feel a whole lot bigger and more versatile. Which is just what we all want, isn't it?


T-shirt (H&M). Jacket (Warehouse). Skirt (Zara). Shoes (H&M). Clutch (Marni). Sunglasses and rings (H&M).


PS: Oh, and in case you're in need of some musical feel good: play this song. It's from a Slovak synthpop band I discovered this weekend at a local music festival. I've had it on repeat all day long, and I have to say it's doing miracles for my PMS.

PPS: A big thank you to my boyfriend's sister Leen for the pictures!