Buy less, choose well pt. two

8 Aug 2014

Buy less choose well

Oh, hi there dolls! Let me just untrammel myself from te pile of 'to toss' clothing I'm buried under and have a little chat with ya! That's right today we enter stage two of our path towards a more conscious way of consuming fashion and it consists of a severe and thorough and closet-detox.

Only by self-reflection can we truly know ourself, and the same pseudo-psychology applies to our wardrobe, i.e. only by taking a close look to our collection of clothing can we find out which pieces you like to wear very often (buy more of those!) and what type of clothes don't ever make it to broad daylight (toss! toss! toss! and never buy stuff like that again).

Buy less choose well

After carefull consideration I decided to trow away most of my shoes. Most of them because they were just completely worn out (like my favourite knee boots that I wore on my very first outfit post on this blog). Others because I had hardly ever worn them at all, due to way too painful. Wich leaves me now with merely 11 pairs of shoes (I forgot to include this pair in the picture).

Lesson no. 1: Never buy shoes that ache your feet when you try them on in the store, even if they're very pretty. If you will wear them longer than 15mins your feet will DIE and you'll banish the shoes to the back of your closet for ever. Buy shoes that are comfy, even those sometimes need a bit of time to break in.

Buy less choose well

My clothing rack got a serious slimming-course as well. You can see every garment I currently own in the pictures above and below (except for some jackets and coats and two dresses that didn't fit the rack and some stuff that was in use or in the laundry when I took these pictures). Which leaves me with a very compact and accessible wardrobe, I guess. I kept a lot of basic T's and shirts, some blazers and jeans, an LBD and a few knitted cardigans, supplemented by a few statement pieces like my Max&co culottes or my printed J.Crew pants.

What did I throw away? Mostly items that I bought to copy some or other catwalk trend without having to spend to much dough. Or things that I bought when I had actually been looking for something else, but didn't find it. And naturally worn and washed out items. Get a peek of all the stuff I'm getting rid of here and here.

Lesson no. 2: Don't buy stuff when you're frustrated. It will lead you to buy stuff that you neither want nor need, and it won't still your hunger...

Lesson no. 3: Try to save up some money and buy a statement piece of good quality that will age beautifully and have a lasting worth long after it's trending time is over, instead of buying cheap stuff that will look washed and worn out in a week. If you do go for cheaper stuff, look for good materials like cotton or wool. This is likely to increase the item's lifetime.

Lesson no. 4: Buy stuff that you feel comfortable in and that you're likely to wear often. For example: my daily uniform consists of a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and some sort of flats or trainers. In winter I'll probably add a comfy sweater of cardigan. Wich means that there is no point in me owning more than a few pairs of heels, or a lot of delicate silk dresses.

Buy less choose well

If anything my detox left me with a very clean and super fresh feeling! Admittedly though, it also left me with a huge shopping appetite... Lord, give me strength!