Buy less, choose well pt. three

15 Aug 2014

On my whishlist

When tossing out half of your wardrobe, buying new stuff to fill up the gaps, seems like the most logical step to take, no? Well, not if you're called Nimue Sturtewagen and, ipso facto, are currently under a self-inflicted shopping restraining order (only one and a half months more to go!).

And even though I'm technically not allowed to do any hypothetical online shopping either, I made no rules whatsoever regarding the use of Polyvore. And so it is my friends, that I have spent this morning making up my dream wardrobe, deciding which closet essentials I already have and more importantly which ones I am allowed to buy once my time in this non-shopping hell hole is over (frustrated much? mais, non!). Well at least I can't be blamed for not taking my time to choose well.

As you can see most of my basic needs lie in de shoe department: knee boots, flat sandals, heeled (preferably ankle strap) sandals, all stars, low heel ankle boots, brogues, black pumps and black ballerinas, though I must admit the latter are the least urgent ones considering my already quite extensive collection of ballerina flats.

A medium sized, black, day-to-day bag however is quite high on my priority list. Luckily the one I've been drooling over these last few months is a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, that won't become available again until december, so I can't be tempted to splurge too early. Together with a designer bag, I would also like to own a designer belt, like the classic Saint Laurent one you can see above, and a classy designer watch. Furthermore I'd like to add a black round sunny to my collection, for I feel that the day my H&M one will breathe its last is coming closer and closer. One last accessory on my whish list is a black hat.

Talking clothes, I think I pretty much already own everything that I really need, except for a short black cardigan (since the one I bought last year at Zara is already completely washed out), a grey V-neck jumper, a black biker jacket, a striped T-shirt, a fluid long trenchcoat and a little white dress.

So the point of all this, will be that I won't allow myself to buy anything else before I have every single item on this list in my posession. This way I can not be tempted to buy trend-related items ore make impulse purchases before I have stocked up on everlasting neccessities (a matter of prioritising, you see).

It may sound like I have a few boring shopping years ahead of me, but in the end, I think I will thank myself for it.

What do you reckon?