Flowers and inner peace.

13 Aug 2014

Flowers and inner peace

Bonsoir amigos. A truly fashionable life and a house filled with flowers go hand in hand, is what I always say. Let former fashion editor turned florist - and fyi one of my personal style godesses - Taylor Tomasi Hill be the proof of that.

A well arranged bouquet can be as powerful and breathtaking as a brilliantly styled outfit. But aside from taking my breath away, flowers also help me to clear my head. Because as cultivated and un-wild as cut flowers may be, they do have nature's calming and comforting effect on me. And that without even having to get my boots dirty!

Flowers and inner peace

Onto another plant-ish subject, I spotted this leaf printed high waist bikini pant on Joyce's blog, Just like sushi, a few days ago and I am really loving it. Since I'm on a two month no-buying challenge, I have been repeating MUST NOT BUY to myself over and over again, but the bikini keeps poppin' up in my thoughts.

Maybe I should buy some more flowers to help me find my inner peace again.

Flowers and inner peace