Do you dare to crop your flare?

3 Oct 2014


In matters of the heart I've always been a pretty faithful kinda gal. I'm happily living together with the guy I started dating when I was 17 and I've known most of my best friends since kindergarten.

When it comes to denim however, my mind can be rather fickle. I mean, wasn't it just 2 days ago that I declared my love for the so called mom jeans? Didn't I swear by a white boyfriend fit before that? And how about the fact that I thought I'd never be wearing anything but skinny jeans for the rest of my life only 2 years ago? Despite all of that, all I've been thinking about for the last 24 hours (ever since I saw the above picture on the right), is a cropped version of a loose fitted, slighty flared pair of jeans. I just can't help it, I'm head over heels! Naturally I've been trying to find out where to get my hands on this revolutionary denim shape. So far I've come up with this, this or this.

Oh and uhm, just for the record: If you thought I'd be putting my skinnies and boyfriends out with the garbage now, you are very much mistaken, my friend. You see, on the denim front - contrary to in real life - I really do believe a woman is allowed more than one lover.

Any thoughts on the matter? And more importantly: do you dare to crop your flare?


Images via Vanessa Jackman and La Cool & Chic.