Buy less, choose well pt. four

1 Oct 2014


Can you believe it?! Me, moi, your dearly beloved shopping addict extraordinaire has gone 2 straight months without shopping! I have to say that I think I deserve more than a pat on the back!

Although honestly, going two months without shopping wasn't nearly as hard as it seemed. Sure there were days that I did nothing more than daydreaming about the stuff I was going to buy once my challenge was over, sure there were those stolen moments during lunch breaks when I secretly hopped into Zara to try on this gorgeous leather look dress. In a super-short moment of lunacy I even considered stealing an earring - call me crazy, but it was the only way to get new stuff without breaking my non-shopping-vow - but of course I didn't go through with it. You see, after a short period of crazy cold turkey, came weeks that I hardly even thought about shopping. And in a way it felt kind of liberating not to be constantly on the lookout for a great bargain or the next big thing that would lift my wardrobe to a whole new level. I have to say, there were days that I even considered keeping up my challenge for a little while longer! But on second thought, I don't think that will be neccesary after all, I mean we don't really have to push to the limit, now do we?!

The question remains though, now that my credit card is no longer grounded, will I let it run wild and free?

The answer is no. As said before, I have this list of basics that I want to check off, before I buy anything else. It won't be easy though. Just like Eva over at Creativity and Chocolate says: when you're a regular reader of fashion blogs and magazines you see every single trend pass by. And it's higly tempting to parttake in every single one of them ('cause let's admit it, more often then not sartorial trends are pretty amazing). Right now for example I'm already considering to buy a turtleneck sweater and mom jeans, even though they are so not on my list - but maybe a little splurge is allowed for those two months of restraint?

To be continued..


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